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Luke Bailey - Jumpers For Goalposts

Thu, 6 Oct 2016

LUKE BAILEY is currently performing in JUMPERS FOR GOALPOSTS at The Oldham Coliseum Theatre.

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Barely Athletic are at the bottom of their town’s LGBT league. Yes, they’ve had their triumphs, like trouncing Tranny United, but let’s face it, Utd’s striker was wearing a leopard skin mini skirt and the rest of the team were sporting stilettoes. Victories like these are rare and Barely Athletic has got players who struggle to make the running for the weekly team sheet.

But ambitious player-coach and sometimes pub landlady Viv, thrown out of the Lesbian Rovers for being too bossy, wants them to aim high. To get to third place. In a league of four.

Has Viv got more than her work cut out? She’s got Beardy Geoff, a gay busker, plus the token straight, the clinically depressed Joe, her bereaved brother-in-law. And is everyone concentrating on the game on the field? Or are there games off pitch that are taking her players’ eyes off the ball?