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Vicki Manderson - We're Still Here

Thu, 17 Aug 2017

VICKI MANDERSON is currently working on WE'RE STILL HERE, a co-production between National Theatre Wales and Common Wealth, as Movement Director. The show runs from 15th to 30th September in Port Talbot.

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People have forgotten how to say ‘no’. That’s the problem in this country. We are allowed to say ‘no’.

Port Talbot steelworks; site of one of the last heavy industries in Wales, and threatened with closure in 2015. The story made headlines around the world, and the Save Our Steel campaign was quick to respond, gathering a momentum that captured the spirit and uncertainty of our times. So what happens when we come together?  What happens when we say ‘no’?

In Port Talbot, leaders, workers and unions all said no. These people came together to save their jobs and their community.

These are the people behind the headlines and the politics, living and working at the heart of the machine. These are their lives, hopes, fears and dreams and this is their story, told with humour, passion and pride. 

Based on interviews with steelworkers, union representatives and the people of Port Talbot, We’re Still Here is a site-specific performance. Dynamically staged in the disused Byass Works, it celebrates the unique spirit of the town.

6 years after The Passion, We’re Still Here marks National Theatre Wales’ return to Port Talbot, in co-production with Common Wealth.