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Patrick Driver - Hyem

Fri, 8 Sep 2017

PATRICK DRIVER is currently performing in Theatre503's production of new play HYEM. The show runs until 23rd September.

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Hyem – Noun; place of family, sanctuary and comfort;
Adverb: “I’m gannin’ hyem” – I’m going home.
(Geordie/Old English/Scandinavian)

Everyone says Mick and Sylv’s is dangerous. So why does Dummey think it feels so much like home?

Alan Dummett or ‘Dummey’ is a young lad who doesn’t fit in. To make matters worse he lives on the Fountain Park estate, Northumberland, voted the second worst estate to live in Britain 1992. It doesn’t even have a fountain. Or a park.

His school, the Police, even his parents don’t want him. Nobody does.

That is until he meets Mick and Sylv’.

Dummey has found a new home but one which has consequences he could never have imagined.

HYEM (yem, hjem, home) is a play about belonging, about ‘broken’ families and finding somewhere safe in an isolating world, which is about to go to war.