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Lois Mackie - Lifeboat

Wed, 26 Apr 2017

LOIS MACKIE is excited to begin rehearsals for LIFEBOAT an extraordinary World War II drama, which opens at the West Yorkshire Playhouse on 2nd May

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The extraordinary World War II drama, based on a gripping true story of courage, survival and enduring friendship.

In 1940 The City of Benares set sail from Liverpool for Canada. On board were 90 evacuees escaping the relentless bombing and dangers of war torn Britain. Four days into the crossing, the ship was torpedoed and sank. Only 11 of the evacuees survived. Two 15-year-old girls spent 19 terrifying hours in the water on an upturned lifeboat. They willed each other to survive. Lifeboat tells their story.

Continuing our commitment to taking our work around the communities of Leeds, Lifeboat will also be visiting venues across the city this summer.