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Lauren Chinery - Gatsby

Sun, 27 Nov 2016

LAUREN CHINERY is currently appearing in GATSBY at the Leicester Square Theatre

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Presented by Ruby in the Dust

An intimate and enveloping play with music inspired by F Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel
Music and Lyrics by Joe Evans | Book by Linnie Reedman

The Lounge at Leicester Square Theatre is transformed into a speakeasy where the Jazz age is in full swing and, two years after the events of the book, a haunted Meyer Wolfshiem is forced down memory lane by a mysterious young woman asking after Gatsby. Cressida Bonas stars as Daisy Buchanan opposite Ludovic Hughes’ Gatsby in this intimate and atmospheric evening.

The year is 1925. New York is under the siege of Prohibition, and Speakeasy’s are the place to be, and to be seen. Except for Meyer Wolfshiem’s ‘Luna Park’, which has been shut down for two years after he received the “biggest shock of his life”. When he finally opens the doors again - a young woman walks in asking after “Gatsby”. What secrets are stirred as she is forced to confront the past she’s been trying to escape?
In Gatsby’s ‘Speakeasy’, F Scott Fitzgerald’s fantastical characters play out the drama, the wry humour and the tragedy of the novel. Audiences are invited to dress up, sip cocktails and immerse themselves in the dreams, the glamour, the magic and the excess, and ultimately the tragedy of this iconic story.