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Laura Waldren - God of Chaos

Wed, 30 Jan 2019

LAURA WALDREN will be playing Becky in Phil Porter's new 4-hander play, GOD OF CHAOS at Theatre Royal Plymouth. The show runs from the 7th-23rd March.


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It’s like smacking a baby to stop it from crying. Or fighting some superbug with antibiotics. You don’t kill it. You just teach it to fight better next time. If you think we’re making the world a better place, you’re kidding yourself.

Stan and Rosa work as ‘moderators’ for a social media company. Each day they go into battle against a rising tide of rage and smut. As an unlikely romance evolves between them, new employee Becky is horrified by the world she encounters through her screen. She decides to take the fight into the real world.

Is the war against online anger and obscenity winnable or even a good idea? Does it make the world a better place or just ‘feed the trolls’? And will the internet be our undoing or our salvation?

God of Chaos is an outrageously funny and provocative new play about the world of online censorship. Written by Olivier-nominated playwright Phil Porter, writer of the 2016 TRP production, The Man With The Hammer.