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Kenton Thomas - A Taste of Honey

Wed, 30 May 2018

KENTON THOMAS is currently playing Jimmy in Oldham Coliseum's production of A TASTE OF HONEY. The show runs until June 9th.

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An Oldham Coliseum Theatre production
A Taste of Honey

Set in Salford and recognised as the pre-cursor to Coronation Street, A Taste of Honey was one of the most controversial plays of all time.

This is the tale of Jo, a teenager whose life is dominated by her alcoholic mother in a Salford bedsit. Abandoned by many, Jo falls pregnant to a sailor and befriends a gay art student, with whom she makes a temporary home. Bruised by rejection, the pair find comfort in each other.

Written when Delaney was only 18, this was one of the finest examples of the “kitchen sink drama” born in the 1950s. In the wake of the Second World War, a new breed of writers decided that enough was enough and it was time to give working class characters a heart and soul, instead of portraying them as the two dimensional comic characters beloved of so many British playwrights.