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Katharine Moraz - NewsRevue

Sun, 31 Jan 2016

KATHARINE MORAZ is currently appearing in NEWSREVUE at Canal Café Theatre.

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NewsRevue is a national and international satirical news-based song and sketch show lampooning everyone from the spheres of politics and celebrity.

The format is simple: take two boys, two girls, a director, a musical director (a post previously held by Bill Bailey) and a team of writers. Allow to simmer for nine days and then cut out about forty sketches, songs and gags, then serve for four nights a week over a 6 week period. Repeat with a new team throughout the year.

The show is updated by between 20% to 40% each week, and this strikes a reasonable balance between keeping the material up to date and allowing adequate time to rehearse the new stuff. The writers submit material by 12 noon on Tuesdays for inclusion in that week’s show. The cast and director then read through the stuff on Tuesdays, choose and arrange what will be done, rehearse it on Wednesday, tech and dress it on Thursday and perform it Thursday night.