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Francisco Del Solar - Jesus Christ Superstar

Mon, 20 Mar 2017

FRANCISCO DEL SOLAR is soon to be appearing as Judas in JESUS CHRIST SUPERSTAR

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The well-known rock opera by Andrew Lloyd Webber deals with the biblical passion story in a subjective and emotional way. The last seven days of Jesus 'life are told from Judas' point of view. The focus is therefore not on the perception of the alleged main character, but the reactions of the others on these charismatic people are interesting. We hear tormented and thoughtful voices, followed by gripping melodies and disturbing rhythms. The questions of, for example, Mary Magdalene, Caiaphas, or Simon Peter, illuminate the foundational myth of a religion and are, as it were, of importance to universal human affairs. Why does a person plead for the death of a fellow-citizen? How can we truly love? What expectations do people have against a leading figure, And what is the longing for such a thing? Jesus Christ Superstar tells a story of human dreams and abysses and the narrow ridge between faith and fanaticism.