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Cameron Blakely - Into The Woods

Thu, 10 Dec 2015

CAMERON BLAKELY is playing the role of the Narrator/Mysterious Man in The Royal Exchange production of INTO THE WOODS.

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"Sometimes people leave you, halfway through the woods..."

A baker and his wife, desperate for a child, venture into the woods to find the ingredients to reverse the witch's curse.  But when the couple encounter a world of fabled characters, gathering the magical items becomes complicated. They only have beans to swap for a cow; the tall, dark, furry stranger keeps distracting the girl with the red cloak; and the lock of golden hair is imprisoned in a tower.

Will this fairy-tale community hand over the spell's ingredients before the last midnight has chimed? And will there be consequences for the wishes that are granted?

Into the Woods is a darkly comic exploration of our favourite fairy tales, and their power to delve into our innermost thoughts and desires.