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Jake Felts - Lady Parts

Tue, 8 Jan 2019

JAKE FELTS features in All 4 comedy sitcom, Lady Parts. Lady Parts is part of All 4's Comedy Blaps.

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An anarchic and subversive music comedy following a Muslim female punk band, called Lady Parts.

Amina Hussein, dutiful daughter and geeky biochemical engineering PHD student, wants to find a husband and settle down. She also happens to shred a mean guitar and unbeknownst to her, Saira Shah, the tattooed, leather-clad front woman of Lady Parts, is desperate to find a lead guitarist. These two young women and their very different worlds are set on a collision course when Saira becomes convinced that Amina is the only woman for the job.

Using Amina's horniness as leverage, Saira nicknames her Thirsty (because she's reaching for that D...) and hooks her up on a date with one of the hot AF Alkaaf brothers - making her an offer she can't refuse.