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Alan Rothwell - Rovers

Tue, 12 Jan 2016

ALAN ROTHWELL has recently filmed for Sky 1's new comedy ROVERS

Rovers promises to be an original take on the goings on of lower league football and will give audiences the opportunity to pull up a stool in the team’s clubhouse; the home for this one big family of supporters and their useless club.
Whilst there they will meet the matriarchal, hardworking and loose lipped Doreen who over the past quarter of a century has run the place. Her meat raffles are legendary and have kept punters coming through her doors all those years. They’ll also get to know obsessive fan Pete Mott, who likes nothing more than talking stats over the scratchings with his best mate Tel – only Tel has recently thrown Pete for a loop by coming out as gay and bringing his new boyfriend Mel to the club. Then there’s Pete’s young lodger Tom, who has got eyes for new barmaid Sam, bossy pensioner Francis and a whole host of other loveable eccentrics. All in all there’ll be a character who we can all relate to.