Tim Freeman


Tim Freeman

Tim Freeman


Height: 5'11

Hair: Brown

Eyes: Blue-Grey

Native: -


Name: James Ireson

Tel: 0207 831 4450

Email: [email protected]

Location: Essex

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2018, Stage, Father, RABBIT, Protocol Theatre, Robbie Taylor Hunt

2017, Stage, Claude, A BEDFULL OF FOREIGNERS, Sheringham Little Theatre, Simon Thompson

2017, Stage, Eddie Carbone, A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE, Protocol Productions, Richard Conrad

2017, Pantomime, Dame Dorothy Do It, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Imagine Theatre, Palace Theatre Newark, Mairi Cowieson

2017, Pantomime, Dame Trott, JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, Palace Theatre Newark, Mairi Cowieson

2017, Stage, Guy, REVIVAL, Sheringham Little Theatre, Gillian King

2016, Pantomime, Emperor, ALADDIN, Mercury Theatre, Daniel Buckroyd

2015, Pantomime, Emperor Eric, ALADDIN, Mercury Theatre, Daniel Buckroyd

2015, Pantomime,Triff, CINDERELLA, Mercury Theatre, Daniel Buckroyd

2015, Pantomime, Triff, CINDERELLA, Mercury Theatre, Daniel Buckroyd

2015, Stage, Dad, NOT NOW BERNARD, Mercury Theatre, Colchester/Tour, Daniel Buckroyd

2015, Stage, Dad, NOT NOW BERNARD, Mercury Theatre, Colchester, Daniel Buckroyd

2014, Stage, Him, MERRY IT WAS TO LAUGH THERE, Jubilant Productions, Ignatius Anthony

2013, Stage, Norm, ELSIE AND NORM'S MACBETH, Frinton Summer Theatre, Simon West

2013, Pantomime, Goosebump, JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, Mercury Theatre, Janice Dunn

2012, Stage, Brophy, ARSENIC AND OLD LACE, Mercury Theatre, Tony Casement

2012, Pantomime, Nanny Nora, SLEEPING BEAUTY, The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury, Greg Banks

2011, Rehearsed Reading, Parmenion, AN ADVENTURE STORY BY TERENCE RATTIGAN, Minerva Theatre, Chichester, Tim Hoare

2011, Stage, Kolya, LOMKE/THE STORY PROJECT, Ugly Sister productions/Southwark Playhouse, Kimberley Sykes

2010, Pantomime, Ugly Sister, CINDERELLA, Roses Theatre Tewkesbury, Greg Banks

2010, Stage, 2nd Merchant, COMEDY OF ERRORS, Regents Park, Philip Franks

2010, Stage, Harry Sims, THE TWELVE POUND LOOK, Frinton Summer Theatre, Tom Littler

2009, Stage, Al, APRIL IN PARIS, Frinton Summer Theatre, Edward Max

2009, Pantomime, Dame Dorothy Do-it, BEAUTY AND THE BEAST, Roses Theatre Tewkesbury, Paul Hutton

2009, Stage, The Man, VERONICA'S ROOM, Frinton Summer Theatre, Simon West

2008, Pantomime, Widow Twanky, ALADDIN, The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury, Janice Dunn

2008, Stage, Shanks, HABEAS CORPUS, Mercury Theatre Colchester, Janice Dunn

2008, Stage, Hardy, JOURNEY'S END, Mercury Theatre Colchester, Tony Casement

2007, Stage, Montfleury, CYRANO DE BERGERAC, Bristol Old Vic, Simon Reade

2007, Pantomime, Dame Trot, JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, Tewkesbury Roses Theatre, Janice Dunn

2006, Stage, Snug, A MIDSUMMER NIGHT'S DREAM, Mercury Theatre, Nikolai Foster

2006, Stage, Benny/Dermot, BRASS BALLS, Mercury Theatre, Ignatius Anthony

2005, Stage, Carlson, OF MICE AND MEN, Mercury Theatre, Nikolai Foster

2005, Stage, Tim, THE KNIGHT OF THE BURNING PESTLE, The Young Vic, Anna Mackmin

2005, Stage, Butcher, THE RESISTIBLE RISE OF ARTURO UI, Mercury Theatre, Janice Dunn

2004, Stage, Rosse, MACBETH, Mercury Theatre, Craig Bacon

2004, Stage, Dimas, THE TRIUMPH OF LOVE, Mercury Theatre, Janice Dunn

2003, Pantomime, Major Domo, CINDERELLA, Mercury Theatre, Janice Dunn

2003, Stage, Chaplain/Kaiser And Various Roles, OH! WHAT A LOVELY WAR, Mercury Theatre, Janice Dunn

2003, Stage, Camillo, THE WHITE DEVIL, Mercury Theatre, David Hunt

2002, Stage, Bomberg, THE EUROPEANS, Mercury Theatre, Janice Dunn

2002, Stage, Jos Sedley, VANITY FAIR, Covent Garden Festival, Stuart Nicholls

2001, Stage, Appletree, THE RECRUITING OFFICER, Mercury Theatre, Gregory Floy

2000, Pantomime, King Cuthbert, SLEEPING BEAUTY, Bury St Edmunds Theatre Royal, Chris Batstone/Colin Blumeneau

1999, Pantomime, Captain Darling, DICK WHITTINGTON, Bury St Edmunds Theatre Royal, Colin Blumeneau

1999, Stage, Hamlet, ROZENCRANTZ AND GUILDENSTERN ARE DEAD, Bury St Edmunds Theatre Royal, Colin Blumeneau

1997, Pantomime, Emperor, ALADDIN, Theatre Royal York, Berwick Kaler

1995, Pantomime, Baron Hardup, CINDERELLA, Theatre Royal York, Berwick Kaler

1994, Pantomime, Prince Phillip, SLEEPING BEAUTY, Theatre Royal York, Berwick Kaler

2017, Film, Mike, HOUSE ON ELM LAKE, Proportion Productions, James Klass

2017, Film, Joe, TWELVE DEATHS OF CHRISTMAS, Proportion Productions, James Klass

2012, Feature Film, Mr Wopsle, GREAT EXPECTATIONS, Mike Newell

2013, Commercial, Gavin, Sonny London, Guy Manwaring