Olivia Carruthers


Olivia Carruthers

Olivia Carruthers
Recently appeared in LIFE (BBC).



Height: 5'6

Hair: Light/Mid Brown

Eyes: Hazel

Native: Lancashire


Name: Dan Ireson

Tel: 0207 831 4450

Email: [email protected]

Location: London


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Stage, Christine Assange, MAN IN THE MIDDLE, Theatre 503, Lucy Skilbeck

Stage, Stella, PAT & MARGARET, Staffs New Vic Theatre, Janys Chambers

Stage, Fairy Godmother, CINDERELLA, Manchester Library Theatre, Roger Haines

Stage, U/s Beatrix/Lindsey, LIFE AFTER GEORGE, Duchess Theatre, Michael Blakemore

Stage, Auntie Jean, PUFF THE THE MAGIC DRAGON, Wimbledon Polka Theatre, Roman Stefanski

Stage, Marion Hicks, THE GIANT'S BABY, Wimbledon Polka Theatre, Roman Stefanski

Stage, Caesar, JULIUS CAESAR, Baron's Court Theatre, Jonathan Price

Stage, Celia/Sylvia/Irene, INTIMATE EXCHANGES, Eye Theatre, Derek Martin

Stage, Charlotte, CHARLOTTE'S WEB, Wimbledon Polka Theatre, Roman Stefanski

Stage, A Woman Alone, FEMALE PARTS, Three Legged Company, Lucy Pitman-Wallace

Stage, Miss Gulch/Wicked Witch of the West, THE WIZARD OF OZ, Wimbledon Polka Theatre, Roman Stefanski

Stage, Snow Queen, THE SNOW QUEEN, Inner City Touring Company, Les Miller

Stage, Granny, THE LAST NOO NOO, Wimbledon Polka Theatre, Vicky Ireland

Stage, Olivia, TWELFTH NIGHT, Eye Theatre, Tom Scott

Stage, Mrs Prentice, WHAT THE BUTLER SAW, Eye Theatre, Tom Scott

Stage, Jane Morris, INDIGO MILL, Wimbledon Polka Theatre, Caroline Smith

Stage, Sun Goddess, YOSHI AND THE TEAKETTLE, Wimbledon Polka Theatre, Vicky Ireland

Stage, Ava Sanchez, LA BRIGADA, Electric Theatre, Birte Pedersen

Stage, Kathleen Devlin, WHERE'S YOUR DADDY GONE, Electric Theatre, Brendan Keaney

2020, Television, Kay, LIFE, Drama Republic / BBC, Kate Hewitt

2019, Television, Mrs Draper, PENNYWORTH, Warner Horizon Television, Danny Cannon

2019, Television, Mrs Leary, KILLING EVE (SERIES 2), BBC/Sid Gentle Films, Damon Thomas

2019, Television, Museum Patron, FOUR WEDDINGS AND A FUNERAL, Hulu/MGM Television, Tristram Shapeero

2018, Television, DCS Jane Wordsworth (3 eps), EMMERDALE, ITV, Matt Hilton; Sean Healy

Television, Dr Julia Bleakley, EASTENDERS, BBC, Audrey Cooke

Television, Grazia Bonici, DOCTORS - ANGELO'S ASHES, BBC, Alex Jacob

Television, Suzanne Holbrook (6 eps), CORONATION STREET, Granada Television, Laurence Moody/Kay Patrick/Graeme Harper

Television, Angela Bennett, DOCTORS - MY GIRL LOLLIPOP, BBC, Dominic Keavey

Television, Sue, CASSETTE BOY WOT 4 - SURPRISE TATTOO, Hat Trick, Al Campbell

Television, Dark Lady, JOE'S PALACE, BBC/Talkback, Stephen Poliakoff

Television, Maria Batistuta, CUTTING IT IV, BBC, David Kerr/Fraser MacDonald

Television, Maria Batistuta, CUTTING IT III, BBC, John Alexander

Television, Nurse Brenda, IN A LAND OF PLENTY, TalkBack Prods/BBC, Hettie MacDonald

Television, Duchess of Kendall, WHEN MONEY WENT MAD, Wall To Wall/Channel 4, Mary Crisp

Television, Countess Ada Lovelace, EUREKA, BBC, Michael LeMoignan

Television, Deborah, 999 LIFESAVER-SHOCK, BBC, Rai Patterson

Television, Robin Day, THE LATE SHOW, BBC, Damon Thomas

2019, Feature Film, Peggy, STARDUST, Salon Pictures / Wilding Pictures, Gabriel Range

Feature Film, Felicity Wood, ASHES TO ASHES, Red Moon Productions, Wayne Trotman

Radio, Caroline Herschel, SWEEPING THE HEAVENS, Radio 4, Anne-Marie Gallen

Radio, Mary Anning, EXPLORER II, BBC Radio 2, Anthony Cherry

2018, Short Film, Marta, THE STORM, Buchanan Carlow Films, Sam H Buchanan