Katie Okehurst


Katie Okehurst

Katie Okehurst
Katie has recently graduated from Drama Centre London.




Height: 5ft 4

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Brown

Native: RP*


Name: Amy Ireson

Tel: 0207 831 4450

Email: [email protected]

Location: London


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2020, Stage, Louisa, The Art of Success, Drama Centre London, Robin Norton-Hale

2019, Stage, Jeanne Becquet, Gabriel, Drama Centre London, Alexandra Spencer-Jones

2019, Stage, Elizabeth I, Character Solos, Drama Centre London, Mathew Wernham

2019, Stage, The Bride, Blood Wedding, Drama Centre London, Benjamin Askew

2019, Stage, Diana, All's Well That Ends Well, Drama Centre London, David Jackson

2018, Stage, Mrs Fainall, The Way of the World, Drama Centre London, Michelle Chadwick

2018, Stage, Masha, The Three Sisters, Drama Centre London, David Jackson

2018, Stage, Mrs Tilford, The Children's Hour, Drama Centre London, Aoife Smyth

2017, Stage, Celia Cain, Her Naked Skin, Drama Centre London, David Jackson

2017, Stage, Cecily Cardew, The Importance of Being Earnest, RADA Cunard Company, Nona Shepphard

2017, Stage, Isabella/Ophelia, Bard on Board, RADA Cunard Company, Michelle Chadwick

2016, Stage, Elizabeth Bennet, Pride and Prejudice, RADA Cunard Company, Mark Inman

2014, Short Film, Emily, Pursued, Andrew Griffin/Giles House