Aneta Piotrowska


Aneta Piotrowska

Aneta Piotrowska
Amongst Peter Bradshaw's nominees for "My Friend The Polish Girl" "Aneta Piotrowska gives a bold and interesting performance as Alicja".



Height: 5'7

Hair: Blonde

Eyes: Green

Native: Polish


Name: James Ireson

Tel: 0207 831 4450

Email: [email protected]

Location: London


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2017, Stage, Zoe Frame, DEAD SIMPLE, The Mill at Sonning, Keith Myers

2016, Stage, Kamila, THE PERFECT MURDER, The Mill at Sonning, Keith Myers

2015, Stage, Madame, FAIRY TALES FOR GROWN UPS, Cabinets of Curiosity, Sarah Blake

2013, Stage, Slava, ABOVE - NOT BEYOND, REHEARSED READING, Antony Zaki, Adrian Dunbar

2012, Stage, Madame, FAIRY TALES FOR GROWN-UPS, Cabinets of Curiosity, Sarah Blake

2012, Stage, Lola, THE MOLLY ROOM, Cabinets of Curiosity, Sarah Blake

2012, Stage, Anna/Agnieszka, SONGS OF FAITH AND SACRIFICE, Polish Artists in London, Margot Przymierska

2011, Stage, Madame, THE STORYTELLING TREE - RIPON YARNS, Cabinets of Curiosity, Sarah Blake

2010, Stage, Molly Lola, FIVE CLEVER COURTESANS, Cabinets of Curiosity, Sarah Blake

2009, Stage, Bellarmine, FOUND, Cabinets of Curiosity, Sarah Blake

2008, Stage, Malgorzata, ZLOTA KACZKA, Syrena Theatre, Sebastian Palka

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2013, Television, Host, CBEEBIES, BBC

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2011, Television, Voice of Selena Gomez, MTV EMA, MTV Networks Polska, Michał Wdowiak

2008, Television, Cleaner, LONDYNCZYCY (LONDONERS), Telemark, Besta Flm, Greg Zglinski

Television, Presenter, CBEEBIES POLAND, BBC

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